What is a TN Visa?

The TN Visa is a US non-immigrant visa. Those who get it must return to their home countries upon its expiration. TN Visas allow citizens of Canada and Mexico, not permanent residents, to work in the US. The agreement specifies the types of TN visa jobs and occupations visa holders can engage in.

Which professionals can apply to a TN Visa?

There are around 63 occupations for which Canadians and Mexicans qualify to work on. These include lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, etc. You can see the list of professions here.

The TN Visa is quite similar to the H-1B visa; however, there are a few differences between them.
First, the TN does not require employers to have a Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor.

This means there are no specific conditions in the work environment or requirements for a prevailing wage that the US sets. This is up to the agreement of the employer and employee.

Second, there is no need for sponsoring. This makes the fees for the employer and employee very low. The employer does not have to pay the listed fees as in the H-1B visa, except for the Form I-129 petition fees.

And third, there are no caps on the TN visa. While the H-1B visa has a cap of 65,000 people who can go to the US with that visa, the TN visa is not limited. This means that any citizen of Canada or Mexico who fulfills the requirements can get a TN visa.

There are two types of TN visas based on nationality:

  • TN-1 is the visa for citizens of Canada.
  • TN-2 is the visa for citizens of Mexico.

You can read about TN visa types in this post.

If you need any additional information or want to know how you can apply, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@bluegateusa.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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