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E-3 Specialty Occupation Workers from Australia

Blue Gate also specializes in working with nationals of Australia, who have the exclusive right to apply for an E-3 visa to work in the US. In order to qualify for these exclusive visas, citizens of Australia must work in a “specialty occupation.” Unlike the TN visa, there is no published list of jobs that are considered to be a “specialty occupation.”

Rather, the definition of “specialty occupation” is the same as the definition used for E-3 visas. The applicant typically must have a bachelor’s degree or higher (or in some cases the equivalent to bachelor’s degree in work experience). Unlike the H1B visa, however, there are usually plenty of these exclusive visas available for citizens of these 3 countries. In addition, E-3 visas, while issued for a temporary period of 1-2 years, are renewable indefinitely (so long as nonimmigrant intent can be demonstrated). In addition, the fees associated with these visas are moderate compared to the H1B.

If you are from Australia and work in a profession or specialty occupation, please contact us for more details regarding how you may qualify for an E-3 work visa.