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Your Visa Solution Partner At Bluegate USA, we are more than just a recruiting and staffing company; we are your trusted partner in the journey to secure the right visas for both prospective workers and employers. With a mission to simplify the complex process of immigration and visa acquisition, we take pride in our commitment […]

TN Visa Validity: Learn How Long Your TN Visa Lasts

The TN visa offers a favorable validity period, providing ample time for Canadian and Mexican professionals to work in the United States. Upon obtaining the TN visa, it remains valid for a duration of 3 years. The best part is, you can extend it for an additional 3 years indefinitely, as long as you maintain […]

TN Visa requirements you need to know

There are specific requirements to be eligible to get a TN visa. The conditions are general, educational, and work experience, with particular requirements for healthcare workers. General requirements The general requirements for people to qualify for the TN visa are: Educational and Experience Requirements The educational requirements can be found in the NAFTA occupations list. […]

TN Visa Types. Exploring your opportunities

There are two types of TN visas based on nationality: TN-1 Visa The TN-1 Visa is designed for Canadian citizens to work in the US as NAFTA professionals. In general, Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the US. They can choose not to apply for a TN visa after they find a […]

What is a TN Visa?

The TN Visa is a US non-immigrant visa. Those who get it must return to their home countries upon its expiration. TN Visas allow citizens of Canada and Mexico, not permanent residents, to work in the US. The agreement specifies the types of TN visa jobs and occupations visa holders can engage in. Which professionals can […]